Jean Thompson Bonus Links

If you just can’t get enough, try:

Jean Thompson’s Official Home Page

New York Times book review of her short story collection, Throw Like a Girl

A 2007 Interview on

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One response to “Jean Thompson Bonus Links

  1. I think that I was a projecting a bit when I criticized Thompson’s “It Would Not Make Me Tremble to See Ten Thousand Fall.” I said that I felt that the characters were not developed but how could Kelly Ann’s character be very developed at the age that she represents? She’ finding herself, realizing that she is playing the role of the killdeer, not knowing much about the other characters involved through no fault of her own. I enjoyed reading “A Winter Husband” a great deal and couldn’t accuse Thompson of not having developed her characters enough for that story. The difference is that Jeffrey is 49; Kelly Ann is 19. How much adult life is there to reflect upon at 19? I would imagine that that was the point of Thompson keeping Kelly Ann’s point of view as simple as it was. I’m not sure that I can agree that a young woman who is trying to find herself would not have more complicated thoughts than what we are given but I can see where it might be contrived to make a complicated individual out of one that just might be uncomplicated. She’s just starting out…trying to…as herself and the slate is still blank. When I look at the story considering those details, I can be less critical.

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