Ground Rules

Hi, folks, and welcome!  I’ll post the response questions for the Jean Thompson reading on Wednesday, but in the meantime, here are some guidelines for how to treat this online extension of our classroom community:

1) Everyone is required to post a minimum of one comment per reading.

2) There’s a concept known as parallel play.  That’s not what we’re going for here.  A quality response to the reading will engage with at least one of your classmates’ prior responses.

3) What does it mean to *engage* with a previous comment?  Well, a good start is to remain respectful (there’s a world of difference between a disagreement and a personal attack), and even if you agree with a classmate, be sure to back up your own points with evidence from the story.

4) If you have questions of your own, feel free to bring those up.

5) Any comments that are in any way disrespectful to a classmate or irrelevant to the class or the material we’re covering will be deleted, and may be grounds for disciplinary action.

To get started, please leave a comment introducing yourself to the rest of us.


14 responses to “Ground Rules

  1. Bryan Jefferson

    Bryan Jefferson, Senior Ad major. I’m ready to get out of school and sit in my parents basement, looking for work. See you all next week

  2. Hello, my name is Andrew Buford. I’m, as I guess most of you would remember because it only happened a few hours ago, in the Creative Writing: Fiction course. I’ll also take this time to plug a joint 55 word/short story blog me and my friend are doing. Check it out.

  3. Hi my name is Paul and I am a senior majoring in Kinesiology.

  4. Hi everybody, I’m Michelle Dunst and I am also a senior ad major. See you next week.

  5. For being a socially-aware 23 year-old, I know almost nothing about social networking websites/blogs. I do not have a blog. I do not read blogs. I don’t understand what Twitter is, how it works or what it’s purpose is; nor do I want to. (I do, however, have a Facebook account which is helpful for keeping in touch with far away friends). Blogs, to me, are just part of the American trend of exhibitionism–a part of my culture I have a hard time understanding. Blogging for class, though, is a very different matter and I may find that my attitude towards blogs in general changes throughout the course of this semester.

  6. Hi! I’m Elyse Steiner and I am a senior Kinesiology major.

  7. Hey everyone! My name’s Frankie. I’m a part-time student with probably another 3-4 semesters left (guess I should probably know these sorts of things). I’m an English major who has no idea what you do with a degree in English. While I’m figuring it out, I’m looking forward to getting to read all of your writing! See you next week!

  8. Colin Gerrity Journalism Major, Junior. Look forward to seeing everyone next week, enjoy your weekend. BEAT NOVA! Friday night 5pm Lincoln financial field!

  9. My name is Klaus and I am a senior education major

  10. Hey. I’m Mason. Tomorrow I finally get to move into my new apartment, so I can stop couchsurfing, and I should never smell as bad as I did today again.

    In other news, you guys pumped for some workshoppin!?! I just wrote a 17 pager. Don’t worry though, it’s in big fonts, and I have all kinds of pretentious poetic formatting.

    It is hands-down the weirdest thing i’ve ever written. But it’s nowhere near well-rounded. I’m sure you guys can help me with that, though.

    Have a nice week, dudes.

  11. Dan Kress/printmaking major/checking in

  12. Hi all,
    This is Kris. I graduated with a BA in English but need to build a portfolio so I can explore going on to grad school for Creative Writing. Left to my own devices, none of my work gets done because I keep changing it ad nauseum. I’m hoping this workshop will help break that habit again. See you next week!

  13. My name is Seth. I’m a junior and recently declared a major in journalism. Yeah.

  14. Ryan MacGillivray

    Hi my name is Ryan, I just added this class last wednesday so I missed the first class. I am a psych major and a junior. I am looking foward to meeting everyone and getting started.

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